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Greenscale's Prison

Level : 36

Zone : Scarwood Reach

Start : Sasha Nikadon

End : Cardinal Visc
Money : 27 83

XP : 7200

Greenscale's Prison

Sasha Nikadon wants you to enter King's Breach and find "Amunet's Grimoire of the God Prison".


There is but one book that details the truth of where the great green dragon of the primordial is imprisoned and the details of his imprisonment, "Amunet's Grimoire of the God Prison". It was one of our most prized tomes, which we have kept here in our tower for centuries. During one of the incursions of the planes, an Aelfwar war party broke past our defenses and stole the Grimoire. Our seers have tracked them to a place known as King's Breach. Only an Ascended war party has a hope of survival.

Upon completion

So the Aelfwar know where the corrupted toad of a god is imprisoned. Well now so do we. We will study this book and learn what we can. Greenscale will have visitors to his prison, the Guardian crusade!