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Burning Down the Hill

Level : 15

Zone : Freemarch

Start : Marius Venden

End : Marius Venden

Choose one of these rewards :
 Mourning Star
 Bloodwood Staff
 Axe of the Berserker

Notoriety :
+350 Freemarch Wardens

Money : 6 30

XP : 3420

Burning Down the Hill

Marius Venden at Gramaton Station wants you to set fire to the Kerosene Urns scattered throughout Savage Hill to the south.
  • Light Kerosene Urns


Our goal is to liberate Smith's Haven, Freemarch's capital. However, we must first clear the Endless Court from Savage Hill, or be trapped between two armies. We need a strike force to wipe out their camps. I had sent in one of our agents, and while he was able to get all the Kerosene Urns in place, he was killed before lighting them.

Upon completion

I love the smell of Endless Court tents burning. Good work, [%NAME]. Without a base of operations, the cultists will be scrambling, and we'll take advantage of the chaos.