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Kliklik's Claw

Level : 46

Zone : Shimmersand

Start : Unknown

End : Tzevi Durdana
Money : 27 5

XP : 4500

Kliklik's Claw

Bring Kliklik's Claw to Tzevi Durdana at Fortune's Shore.


Tzevi Durdana in Fortune's Shore has posted a bounty for Kliklik, a large deep one that the Abyssal of Freemarch have reportedly been hiding somewhere at Hullbreach Shoals. You should bring his Claw to her for a reward.

Upon completion

So, the rumors of a deep one at Hullbreach Shoals were true. It's a good thing you disposed of it before the Abyssal were able to complete whatever plan they were cooking up across the lake.