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A Strange Bauble

Level : 42

Zone : Stillmoor

Start : Sergeant Coda

End : Sergeant Coda
Choose one of these rewards :
 Necrotic Rage
 Necrotic Semblance

Money : 9 18

XP : 1380

A Strange Bauble

Sergeant Coda of the 12th Sanctuary Guard has something you may be interested in.


[%LORD_LADY] [%NAME], In Marshal Kain's haste to flee the Iron Pine, he managed to leave these behind. We really don't know much about them outside of the planar magic they contain. Since we're not Ascended, our bodies cannot tolerate the stress of planar magic. They're enchanted, so you should be able to gain something useful from their power.

Upon completion

[%NAME], I trust that these may serve you well.