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The Lost Patrol

Choose one of these rewards :
 Blood Iron Leggings
 Bloodweave Trousers
 Bloodweave Breeches
 Blood Iron Greaves

Notoriety :
+500 Icewatch

Money : 16 80

XP : 4080

The Lost Patrol

Master-at-Arms Ramos has asked you to find an Icewatch patrol that went missing in the Valley of Inspiration, north of The Chancel of Labors.
  • Find what became of the lost Icewatch Patrol in the Valley of Inspiration
  • Report what happened to Master-at-Arms Ramos


I am afraid I have a more urgent matter at hand now. I sent a patrol of recruits under the command of Sentinel Termaril north of the Chancel into the Valley of Inspiration. It was a simple mission mostly intended to get the recruits used to duty in the field, but they have failed to report back. Your experience in the field gives you a greater chance of finding them than the raw recruits I have available for such a mission.

Upon completion

That carnage may have been the work of wolves or yetis, but the real culprit here are the Redsnow bandits. They have infiltrated the Steampike Pit and are somehow driving these beasts to attack my men. Rest assured, such an affront to Thedeor and the Icewatch will not go unanswered!