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The Lost Dwarves

Level : 36

Zone : Sanctum

Start : Borrin Gammult

End : Talvar Methyn

Money : 6 96

XP : 1200

The Lost Dwarves

Borrin Gammult wants you to speak with Talvar Methyn at Three Springs, located in Moonshade Highlands.


Have you heard of Moonshade Highlands? Home to many dwarves, it was ravaged when Aedraxis damaged the Ward. My people sought shelter in Hammerknell Fortress, but were never heard from again. To help find out what happened, speak to Talvar Methyn in the town of Three Springs.

Upon completion

This is great news! Borrin has sent no less than an Ascended to aid our cause. There is much to be done to restore the glory of our people, so let's get to work.