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The Drift of Wind and Tide

Level : 40

Zone : Moonshade Highlands

Start : General Stanig

End : General Stanig

Choose one of these rewards :
 Spiritualist's Augery
 Fortune Teller's Stone
 Sparkling Eardrop
 Lost Bauble

Notoriety :
+2000 The Runeguard

Money : 21

XP : 3960

The Drift of Wind and Tide

Activate the Runeguard Hammer by striking it upon the Anvil of the Hammerlords in Hammerknell Fortress, then shine its light upon the spirits of Wardens Barkev, Ivaran, and Kettil to pacify them.
  • Strike the Anvil of the Hammerlords
  • Barkev
  • Ivaran
  • Kettil


Spirits of our once great leaders walk the grounds of Hammerknell Fortress. Corrupted by Regulos, their true selves would be restored by shining the light of the Runeguard Hammer upon them. If they join us, we will be ready to face Tidelord Brenin.

Upon completion

You restored all three wardens with the Runeguard Hammer? Wonderful! I hope they weren't too disagreeable. Elderly dwarves can be ornery when awoken from our trances. I speak from experience. There is but one task remaining: the destruction of Tidelord Brenin.