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The Fall of Moonshade

Level : 36

Zone : Moonshade Highlands

Start : Hartigan

End : Hartigan

Money : 11 60

XP : 2400

The Fall of Moonshade

Hartigan wants you to speak with Emin Nolar, Scotty, Brother Jebiah, and Wesley Benson in Three Springs.
  • Speak with Emin Nolar
  • Speak with Scotty
  • Speak with Brother Jebiah
  • Speak with Wesley Benson


You've arrived in Three Springs during an interesting time, [%NAME]. A council has recently been formed to find out what happened to Hammerknell Fortress when Regulos ravaged this region decades ago. Among them is Brother Jebiah, and I have no doubt that he's out for blood. There's also a new dwarf who recently arrived that I haven't met yet. You should introduce yourself around town.

Upon completion

I am puzzled at Wesley's note. From the tone of his writing, I fear he may have disappeared like so many others in Three Springs. Brother Jebiah's attitude doesn't surprise me. His reputation precedes him. So that's the Scotty I have heard so much about. I should give him a fitting dwarven welcome to his homeland!