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A Violent Peace Offering

Level : 19

Zone : Silverwood

Start : Loras Tivan

End : Vigoth Phar
Notoriety :
+500 Quicksilver Scholars

Money : 7 72

XP : 2760

A Violent Peace Offering

Loras Tivan wants you to take the Head of Tongue Chewer in a cave underneath Overwatch Keep, then deliver it to Vigoth Phar in the Overwatch Keep as an offering of peace.


We must stop Prince Hylas any way we can. Therefore, while attacking with one hand, we will offer peace with the other. Hylas allows audiences with those who prove themselves worthy. Offer him the head of a goblin warlord, and he might listen to reason.

Upon completion

One goblin head? In battle, our squires decapitate these vermin until the forest runs red with goblin blood. This is nothing; a trifle. Yet, your ambition is worth some regard, I suppose. Rarely does anyone make it past our defenses. Instead of killing you, I shall listen to your proposal.