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Loyal to the Last

Level : 46

Zone : Shimmersand

Start : Brother Jebiah

End : Kasia Phelorn

Money : 10 82

XP : 1500

Loyal to the Last

Speak with Kasia Phelorn in The Flatyard, north of Glimmering Light. To reach her, enter the doorway in the outer wall of The Flatyard's western wing, and go up the ramp.


It is time to take the fight into the Flatyard, [%NAME]. Malik has told me that even if all the other officers have fallen there is one who would still be holding her post: a woman named Kasia Phelorn. I want you to climb the path up to the prison and find her. She will know what must be done.

Upon completion

You don't look like a prisoner. Malik? He's still alive? Oh thank the stars, I am glad to know some of us still survive. Quickly, there is much to do.