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Bitter Rivals

Level : 45

Zone : Shimmersand

Start : Shabaka Akins

End : Shabaka Akins

Money : 25 99

XP : 4410

Bitter Rivals

Shabaka Akins wants you to examine the wreckage at Hullbreach Shoals for anything out of the ordinary. Hullbreach Shoals is located northwest of Fortune's Shore.


We've seen many great storms come and go over the decades, but something new is on the horizon. One such squall recently wrecked a ship on the Hullbreach Shoals. Examine the wreckage for clues to see what threat has washed upon our shores.

Upon completion

Ah, this Charged Debris is electrified with the forces of Air magic. The Storm Legion must have attacked a Golden Maw vessel off shore. The incursion of the dragon cults, and the plunder of my people, continues.