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Prosperity if Not Peace

Level : 10

Zone : Sanctum

Start : Meowlin

End : Meowlin

Repeatable : Daily (Daily)


Prosperity if Not Peace

Meowlin wants you to collect Ancient Golden Dragon Egg Shells from fire and earth rifts, invasions and footholds, as well as major zone events of at least green difficulty.


Do you think it is odd that the Mendicant Order, who have all taken a vow of poverty, are celebrating and encouraging wealth? I assure you we pray to the Vigil for prosperity for all the faithful. We see our duty is to fast so that others may feast. Indeed, we use our former wealth to exchange for any valuable items that may have the touch of Laethys. The Ascended should neither suffer the misfortunes of corruption nor poverty because of the Golden Queen.

Upon completion

More shards of these ancient golden shells! Look how calcified it is. The egg this was from never got the chance to hatch. With so many reports of new dragon spawn, I take this as another sign of fortune by the Vigil.