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Dead Drop

Level : 25

Zone : Stonefield

Start : Unknown

End : Nuys Rundercomb

Notoriety :
+300 Granite Falls

Money : 9 19

XP : 2610

Dead Drop

Recover his lost goods from the Towering Steppes and return it to Nuys Rundercomb at Camp Fergos.


It is clearly too late to help this unfortunate soul, but the equipment scattered nearby is obviously of value. Someone back at Camp Fergos would likely appreciate its return.

Upon completion

Oh, I'd recognize these items anywhere! This is my satchel. And my pick, I thought I'd lost it! I'd invested in a number of deadly-yet-profitable activities in Stonefield, but consequently, several of my employees had their contracts terminated 'in the field,' so to speak. I am saddened at their fates, but relieved to recover my materials. Well done, [%NAME].