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Lost Lore

Level : 32

Zone : Scarwood Reach

Start : Unknown

End : Sir Guysun Lawless
Notoriety :
+400 Iron Claw Trappers

Money : 14 12

XP : 3240

Lost Lore

Bring Carwin's Journal to Sir Guysun Lawless in Heroes' Stand. The knights of the Sanctuary Guard will no doubt be very pleased with this piece of history.


This book appears to be the personal journal of Lord Carwin from before the Mathosian Civil War. Lord Carwin would later become a great general under his half brother, Prince Zareph, fighting against the evil forces of Zareph's brother, King Aedraxis. Lord Carwin was also the founder of the Sanctuary Guard. The knights at Heroes' Stand would be very interested in this find.

Upon completion

By Carwin's Hammer, this is an incredible find! How did you even notice this old tome among the rest of the ruins? My friend, the Vigil guides your hand; there can be no doubt.