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The Keepers Below

Level : 38

Zone : Moonshade Highlands

Start : Brother Damon

End : Brother Damon

Money : 19 16

XP : 3780

The Keepers Below

Brother Damon has sent you to kill the Abyssal Carapoids who guard the depths of Kelpmere, northeast of Stonemason's Watch.


Some strange things have been going on in the Kelpmere, a primarily bogling settlement to the northeast. Servants of the Abyssal called Carapoids have been seen patrolling the depths there. They are getting in the way of our recovery efforts, [%NAME], and that's why I need you to take care of this little infestation.

Upon completion

Those Carapoids must have been sent there to guard the Abyssal tech hidden in the water. The cultists are going to be missing a few watchdogs the next time they go to check on their precious machines.