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Eternal Guardian of the Venific Locus

Level : 60

Zone : The Dendrome

Start : Lady Nessie

End : Lady Nessie

Repeatable : Weekly (Weekly)

 Infinity Stone
 Dendrome Raider's Cache

Notoriety :
+2500 The Lycini

Money : No value

XP : 0

Eternal Guardian of the Venific Locus

Lady Nessie wants you to summon and defeat the being within the Venific Locus.


In the depths of the jungles there is a place called the Venific Locus. It contains the remains of an ancient portal to a destination we do not fully understand. What we do know of it is that terrible things emerge from within. Ascended, find this portal and open it. Discover what terror lurks inside and destroy it before any true harm can be born from within.

Upon completion

Ahkane the Eternal? So strange... there are ancient texts that spoke of something by that name. A protector of a prison for something long forgotten. Perhaps it was merely an old sentry that it had forgotten who it was protecting. Regardless, you have done well, Ascended. The threat has been overcome and we are in your debt. Please, take this chest as a reward for your bravery.