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Stopping the Madness

Level : 33

Zone : Iron Pine Peak

Start : Unknown

End : Sentinel Kashara

Choose one of these rewards :
 Deadwater Chain
 Deepmage Necklace
 Calthyx's Necklace
 Frostpool Chain

Notoriety :
+750 Icewatch

Money : 23 84

XP : 6660

Stopping the Madness

Find Commander Calthyx's cave in Dayblind Hollows and kill the Abyssal leader. Once he is slain, collect Unstable Explosives from the nearby cultist supplies to destroy the Untranslated Tablet in Dayblind Hollows.


Since the Abyssal are still excavating this site, there must be another tablet they are searching for. If you can prevent them from translating that tablet, it may doom their chances of ever finding him. In any case, Commander Calthyx cannot be allowed to share the knowledge he has learned in this place. Without their leader, hopefully the other cultists will lack the guidance to continue their search for Calyx. The time to strike is now!

Upon completion

Well done, [%NAME]. I fear this may not have been enough to stop the Abyssal's quest permanently, but we will be on guard in case more show up to continue the effort. Hopefully his next in command is an incompetent officer without the courage to run things as Commander Calthyx did.