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Into the Breach

Level : 34

Zone : Scarwood Reach

Start : Sir Isaak Kazimir

End : Sir Martyn Myrsol

Notoriety :
+100 Iron Claw Trappers

Money : 6 29

XP : 1140

Into the Breach

Sir Isaak Kazimir asks that you hurry to Shatterbone Hold and speak with Sir Martyn Myrsol. Shatterbone Hold is on the other side of the rightmost rope bridge just northwest from Camp Cestus.


I thought we had defeated the cultists, so I sent a force across the bridge to establish a forward camp. Yet, my soldiers have met stiff resistance and are taking serious losses. We need to reinforce them immediately or risk being overrun by Doctor Visek and his army of cultists.

Upon completion

Did Sir Isaak Kazimir send you? I was expecting another company of soldiers, but I'm not sure even they would rival the effectiveness of an Ascended. Welcome to the fight, [%sir_madam].