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What's Become of Them?

Level : 29

Zone : Scarlet Gorge

Start : Unknown

End : Sir Reginald Gaunt

Choose one of these rewards :
 Circular Reasoning
 Ring of Shattered Dreams
 Band of Truth
 Ring of Doubt

Notoriety :
+200 Quarry Rats

Money : 11 88

XP : 2970

What's Become of Them?

Travel south to Rock Ridge and report the ambushed caravan to Sir Reginald Gaunt.


These tortured remains were clearly part of a Guardian caravan. It is likely they were on their way to the nearby town of Rock Ridge when they were ambushed. The local Guardian commander in town would likely appreciate knowing what happened here.

Upon completion

I'm sorry to hear about the caravan, but that is the least of my troubles at the moment. The entire town of Rock Ridge has been overrun by demons from the Plane of Fire. They are far too powerful for my squad to handle, but now that you, an Ascended, has arrived, I pray we can save the people in town.