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A Personal Request

Level : 50

Zone : Iron Pine Peak

Start : Faceless Man

End : Minara


Money : 42

XP : 0

A Personal Request

Seek out the Faceless Man's mother in Iron Pine Peak in order to escort her from harm.


[%NAME], I must distract you from your work. Very little remains of the man I was. I threw it all into the surf when I joined the Abyssal. My betrothed married another, and then died in childbirth. My father was a drunk who died long ago. My brothers were reduced to carrion for the birds in battles against the planes. Only my mother remains alive, and I have not seen her since the dark night when I joined my cabal. But she is here, and my spies tell me she is in danger. I must ask you to go to her, and remove her from harm's way.

Upon completion

You say I'm in danger? What is this? What's it about?