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Dampen Their Ambition

Level : 50

Zone : The Codex

End : Warlord Albrect

Repeatable : Daily (Daily)

 Satchel of Defiant Spoils

Notoriety :
+750 The Unspoken

Money : 50 40

XP : 10080

Dampen Their Ambition

Win a warfront match in the Codex.
  • Win a match in The Codex


The Unspoken have watched over the knowledge of the codex for centuries and kept the secrets inscribed upon it out of the hands of the cults. Now the Defiants have discovered the Codex, and have set about translating its secrets. We must stop them, [%NAME]. Go to the Codex and drive the heretics out of the valley.

Upon completion

We've kept those Defiants from translating the Codex. The gods put the holy Ward in place to protect us from Regulos. If the Defiants had unlocked its secrets, they would have drained the Ward to power their machines. You prevented a real catastrophe, [%NAME].