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Gap in the Armor

Level : 50

Zone : Shimmersand

Start : Lieutenant Samkal

End : Lieutenant Samkal
 Spirit Infusion

Money : No value

XP : 10080

Gap in the Armor

Defeat the Wanton Captains around Shimmersand.


Greetings, [%SUB_CLASS]. I took over the efforts to stop the 'real' threat after the trail went cold, and I have great news! Our opponents have revealed themselves again. The two remaining Generals have dispatched their Captains to Shimmersand, but our scouts were ready. If you defeat the Wanton Captains around Shimmersand, it will disorganize their efforts, and we will gain the upper hand for the first time in this war. Perhaps even forcing the remaining Generals into the open.

Upon completion

Thank you, [%NAME]. With your help there's a chance Telara will survive this war.