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Desert Power

Level : 50

Zone : Shimmersand

Start : Ganegen Dalub

End : Ganegen Dalub

Notoriety :
+750 Dragonslayer Covenant

Money : 42

XP : 6720

Desert Power

Seek out the rift Golden Cascade and collect Golden Cores from Gildstone Deposits, shatter Charged Boulders to kill Unbound Fragments, and unleash Imbued Monoliths to kill Akalan Parasites. You'll find this rift most often in the Dunes of Akala, but I've given you a lure in case you need of it.
  • Collect Golden Cores
  • Shatter Charged Boulders and kill Unbound Fragments
  • Unleash Imbued Monoliths and kill Akalan Parasites


Despite our attempts to thwart her, Akala is now harnessing the pure power of the Plane of Earth, even going so far as to drain the titan Qaerthus. Disrupt Akala's means of storing this power, then destroy the abominations running her harvesting operation. Find the rift Golden Cascade and put a stop her no matter what it takes.

Upon completion

In her desperation to reconstitute Laethys, Akala sought to drain the power of the titan Qaerthus himself! But you put a stop to it, [%name]. You have helped us more than you can know.