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A New Threat

Level : 52

Zone : Ember Isle

Start : Borrin Gammult

End : Borrin Gammult

Notoriety :
+450 The Farclan

Money : 33 85

XP : 5490

A New Threat

Borrin Gammult wants you to learn more about the ways of Farclan and use the Crest of Bahralt to drain Corrupted Spirits that are tormenting the Guardian soldiers and then cleanse it of its taint.


Those jungle spirits that have been sabotaging our equipment are starting to concern me. Now I have Guardians in the field that haven't returned and I smell trouble. I want you to investigate and report back to me with your findings.

Upon completion

These spirits are bad news, [%NAME]. Barnebus says that the spirits are normally harmless, but I still don't like this. The levels of corruption here rival even the greatest planar taint I have seen. We'll need to remain extra vigilant in the future.