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Carnage: Alphas and Omega

Level : 10

Zone : Freemarch

Notoriety :
+350 Freemarch Wardens

Money : 2 10

XP : 1260

Carnage: Alphas and Omega

Kill Shadetouched Alphas in Kindra's Thicket.


While dangers abound for the Kelari in the water, they are also threatened on land by the Shadetouched Alphas. When the Ward weakened and planar magic became unstable, creatures on their archipelago were similarly transformed. Killing these plane-touched wolves will make everyone safer.

Upon completion

If such unnatural, planetouched creatures arrived right before the Kelari homelands were swept beneath the sea, then their presence here must surely make the refugees uneasy. Hopefully your efforts have given them some measure of relief.