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Fallen Leaves

Level : 37

Zone : Moonshade Highlands

Start : Bastion Pembrook

End : Bastion Pembrook

Money : 18 26

XP : 3690

Fallen Leaves

Bastion Pembrook wants you to collect Shambler Foliage from shamblers at Kirna's Arbor, west of Three Springs.


Shamblers are just as easily corrupted as boglings. I'm curious if they have come under the influence of death magic as well. The best way to find out would be to bring me back some samples of their leafy skin for analysis.

Upon completion

What is going on with these samples? They smell awful! I expected creatures living with boglings would have an unpleasant odor, but this is unheard of. I need to burn these leaves before they contaminate the entire town!