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Shine On You Crazy Defiant

Level : 1

End : Legionnaire Ashurd

Repeatable : Daily (Daily)

 Molten Gold Ingot

Money : 12

XP : 450

Shine On You Crazy Defiant

Legionnaire Ashurd would like you to go speak with Hallam Darad, the Ascended Power dealer, so you can learn a new ability and upgrade a wardstone.
  • Speak with Hallam Darad in College of Planar Studies
  • Use the Augment Wardstone abilitiy to augment wardstones that would grant experience


[%NAME]! You're just in time. I was hoping you would come by today. Our wardstones are in need of an upgrade if they're to stay standing, and I think you are just the one to help out. Go speak with Hallam Darad to learn about a way for you to upgrade a wardstone.

Upon completion

You really made those wardstones shine, [%NAME]. Thank you!