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Snapped Out of It

Level : 29

Zone : Scarlet Gorge

Start : Sedrick Finely

End : Astor Incantril

Choose one of these rewards :
 Maelforge Gem
 Crimson Bulwark
 Scorched Shield
 Scarlet Hatchet

Notoriety :
+200 Quarry Rats

Money : 11 88

XP : 2970

Snapped Out of It

Now that the town's council members have snapped out of their trance, alert Astor Incantril, the Defiant commander in Rock Ridge.


Thank you for freeing our minds from the power of this scrying orb. It's best if Nambus, Sandra, and I pretend we're still under its power while we try to assist the survivors of Rock Ridge. Please, ask your people to send more help our way!

Upon completion

With their leadership restored, the citizens of Rock Ridge will be able to help themselves to a greater extent. I'll make sure to send more Defiant operatives there as well to drive out the invaders and defend the people.