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Saving the Spirit Guide

Level : 11

Zone : Silverwood

Start : Thomas Penthas

End : Thomas Penthas

Choose one of these rewards :
 Cleric's Jewelry Box
 Mage's Jewelry Box
 Rogue's Jewelry Box
 Warrior's Jewelry Box

You will also receive :
 Bogling Knapsack

Notoriety :
+500 Quicksilver Scholars

Money : 3 24

XP : 1800

Saving the Spirit Guide

Thomas Penthas wants you to save the Spirit Guide before the Sunken Marsh boglings can sacrifice her to Greenscale.
  • Save the Spirit Guide


I have been investigating the bogling situation here in the marsh, and their purpose is clear - to cut a Spirit Guide's tether to this world. Taking the form of woodland animals, Guides carry out the Vigil's will. I just saw the boglings drag a deer into their camp - it must be the Spirit Guide of Tavril. I pray it's not too late!

Upon completion

You saved the Spirit Guide in time? I was sure the boglings would have slain her by now, but my faith is not what it once was. You succeeded where I failed. The gods must favor you, [%NAME]. Now it is time to figure out what this Spirit Guide is here to tell us.