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Trial of Combat

Level : 13

Zone : Freemarch

Start : Sir Olgedon

End : Sir Olgedon

Notoriety :
+350 Freemarch Wardens

Money : 3 14

XP : 1530

Trial of Combat

Use the Signal Torch in Knight's Stand to summon Sir Olgedon, then defeat him to complete the final trial.
  • Defeat Sir Olgedon in battle [%Progress]/[%Total]


You have defeated my trials, now you prove your skill in combat. Go to the fighting ring across the road, then use the Signal Torch there so I know you're ready, and we'll settle this once and for all.

Upon completion

I must admit, that fight hurt more than my pride. If not for Chauncey's healing salves, I would not be standing in this spot right now. You have proven your worth to me, [%NAME] - a reward far greater than gold or weapons of magic. You can go now.