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Level : 19

Zone : Stonefield

Notoriety :
+300 Granite Falls

Money : 5 79

XP : 2070


Violet Harwood in Quarrystone Basin wants you to collect Troll Brains from the mountain trolls in Quarrystone Basin and Temblor Hills to the northwest.


It appears that, to study the brain of a troll, I'll need the brain of a troll... or half a dozen, just to be safe. Bring me the best Troll Brains in the area - and the freshest. If there's one thing I know about science, it's that brains go smelly after awhile.

Upon completion

I appreciate your assistance, [%NAME], but were these honestly the best brains you could find? They appear a bit runny. Did the trolls you got them from seem as smart, less smart, or smarter than the average troll? Well, I'm sure they'll do.