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Burl, Wengar, and Gurnok

Level : 43

Zone : Droughtlands

Start : Kornath

End : Kornath

Notoriety :
+600 Arcane Hand

Money : 38 29

XP : 8460

Burl, Wengar, and Gurnok

You've accepted your fourth challenge in the cyclops' gladiator arena. Speak with Dornath when you are ready to begin.


[%NAME], this is your final challenge. A task only a few privileged warriors have ever faced. You will battle three of our finest warriors - Burl Knifetongue, Wengar of the centaur tribe, and Gurnok the Horse Eater. Speak with Dornath, if you dare.

Upon completion

You are indeed a worthy arena fighter - the best we have seen in recent times. Daelah will be most pleased that we have discovered a fighter with your ability.