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Oppressive Death

Level : 50

End : Cardinal Esthousen

Repeatable : Weekly (Weekly)
Money : No value

XP : 5040

Oppressive Death

The members of [%GUILD_NAME] have been asked to assist the Order of Mathos in clearing out the most dangerous areas of Stillmoor.
  • Kill Endless in Death's Approach
  • Kill Endless in the Endless Citadel


The Order of Mathos seeks to restore the heart of Mathosia in Stillmoor. While that shining kingdom is fallen, none can argue against the eradication of the Endless Court and their shadetouched servants. Tell the rest of [%GUILD_NAME] to aid the Order in battle. Bring down the Endless and bring glory to the Vigil.

Upon completion

I have received word that your efforts with the Order of Mathos have been successful. Tell the members of [%GUILD_NAME] that we are grateful for their efforts.