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In Plain Sight

Level : 38

Zone : Moonshade Highlands

Start : Uriel Chuluun

End : Uriel Chuluun

Choose one of these rewards :
 Spellstealer's Choker
 Faering Choker
 Forester's Chain
 Chain of Brutality

Money : 19 16

XP : 3780

In Plain Sight

Uriel Chuluun has asked you to check on the Necrotech Conductor hidden by the Cloaking Device that the Defiants had previously placed in Faering Woods, south of Stonemason's Watch.


I installed a Necrotech Conductor within Faering Woods to monitor the amount of lingering death magic. It has a built in Cloaking Device, so it looks like a simple faerie stump until you deactivate the shield. Would you check the readings for me, [%NAME]?

Upon completion

Gone? What do you mean it's gone? The Abyssal; I should have known they'd be rearing their ugly heads again before we were finished here. We must track down this Tidelord Brenin and take back what is ours!