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A Family Man

Level : 39

Zone : Moonshade Highlands

Start : General Stanig

End : General Stanig

Notoriety :
+2000 The Runeguard

Money : 20 7

XP : 3870

A Family Man

General Stanig has asked you to use his sacred torch to burn the treasured belongings of his family at Molinar Crossing so that they cannot be used in a possession ritual by Gorvaht.
  • Burn the Beloved Chest
  • Burn the Beloved Doll
  • Burn Stanig's Family Plaque


After the close of Hammerknell, Gorvaht turned his dark gaze to the families of the Runeguard. Now, even in death, my family needs protection. Use this torch to burn their treasured belongings. It pains me, but these items could be used to possess my family's spirits. I can't let that happen.

Upon completion

May the spirits of my family rest easy, wherever they may be. Thank you, [%NAME]. You have done me a great service.