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On Distant Shores

Level : 15

Zone : Freemarch

Start : Melita Thanos

End : Anthousa Mona


Money : 3 94

XP : 1710

On Distant Shores

Become acquainted with Kelari life in this strange new land.
  • Speak with Esperos Muto
  • Speak with Pelagia Demo in Kelari Refuge
  • Present the offering at Embrosius's shrine
  • Negotiate with Embrosius
  • Tell Pelagia you have restored Embrosius's favor
  • Speak with Priestess Valis in Meridian


An Ascended Kelari! Well! I, of course, would not doubt that I would meet one. After all, if you're going to be picking the best souls to return, why wouldn't you return a Kelari? But, I am still glad we have met. As you can see, our fortunes have been much reduced, our isles replaced by this rickety town. But, with the help of the Defiants, we will push forward, and one day we may take back the isles from the corruption of the cults.

Upon completion

You are an Ascended, hmm? Well, let me get a look at you. I'm glad you've found your way here. This land is strange, and crude, but though we have lost the isles, we have not lost what makes us Kelari. Not everyone in Defiant likes that we are here, but we have never sought the approval of others and aren't very well about to start now.