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No Bones About It

Level : 50

Zone : Stillmoor

End : Javor Konjovic

Repeatable : Daily (Daily)

Notoriety :
+700 Order of Mathos

Money : 31 50

XP : 5040

No Bones About It

Travel south from Zareph's Return to Hillsborough and slay the Soulless thralls.
  • Kill the Soulless thralls


The vampire who calls himself Androj Hillsborough feeds off the Soulless thralls who were once citizens of the town whose name he stole. Fear of death is understandable, but these people chose to become chattel to feed the appetite of a monster. Their punishment must be severe.

Upon completion

Killing the Soulless thralls of Hillsborough could not have been an easy task. However, people must see that capitulating to the undead will not be tolerated.