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Turning the Knob

Level : 4

Zone : Terminus

Start : Asha Catari

End : Faceless Man


Turning the Knob

Use the Resonance Capacitor to draw energy from Guardians, charge the Power Cell, and then kill Frederic the Betrayer. Report to Faceless Man once complete.


I have gotten a report from the site of the Failsafe that even with all of the sourcestone you brought us, they are not able to get enough power to it. We need to reroute all energy to the time machine. Unfortunately, our generator has been taken by deranged Guardian fanatics. You must use this Resonance Capacitor to bring our generator online and reroute it to the time machine!

Upon completion

I saw the great surge of power when you flipped the switch. The Failsafe is one step closer to completion.