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Heads or Tails

Level : 38

Zone : Moonshade Highlands

Start : Unknown

End : Sergeant Seful
Notoriety :
+2000 The Runeguard

Money : 19 16

XP : 3780

Heads or Tails

Find Sergeant Seful of the Runeguard along the road in Hammerknell Pass, and give him the Bloodsmeared Runebound Talisman.


This ancient talisman is inscribed with strange markings. Perhaps it was once a holy symbol or maybe a family crest. A member of the Runeguard would likely have a better idea of its purpose.

Upon completion

Oi there! What's this then? A Runebound Talisman - I haven't seen one of these in years. The dwarves of Hammerknell used to carry them around as good luck tokens. Based on the state of this one though, I'd say it didn't bring as much luck as the bearer would have liked.