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The Missing Link

Level : 33

Zone : Iron Pine Peak

Start : Sentinel Kashara

End : Unknown

Notoriety :
+500 Icewatch

Money : 19 87

XP : 4440

The Missing Link

Sentinel Kashara wants you to kill the Deadwater Tactician in Dayblind Hollows and get information on what the Abyssal cult is after in Iron Pine Peaks.


We've recently received some leads on one of the Abyssal's Tacticians. We're working on tracking him down, but he's proved elusive thus far. If we can get him to talk, or simply steal whatever plans he's working on, it could help us answer many of the questions surrounding the purpose of the Abyssal cultists in this area and who seems to be aiding them in their efforts.

Upon completion

This parchment appears to be soaking wet with magic from the Plane of Water, and the information on the page is both revealing and disturbing.