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Spiritual Liberation

Level : 37

Zone : Moonshade Highlands

Start : Brother Jebiah

End : Brother Jebiah

Money : 18 26

XP : 3690

Spiritual Liberation

Brother Jebiah wants you to slay Wandering Husks at the Moonshade Pools, then use the Cleansing Brand on their corpses to liberate the tormented spirits within.


The Abyssal will not get away with subjecting our people to damnation. Though their physical bodies are lost, we can still free their spirits into the glorious light of the Vigil. I've increased the power of the Cleansing Brand. Use it on the corpses of the wandering undead to liberate them.

Upon completion

You have saved the souls of the Wandering Husks, [%NAME]. One can achieve no greater deed than to shepherd a lost soul into the warm embrace of the Vigil. As for the Abyssal, the more they abuse death magic, the further they propel themselves towards oblivion.