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Street Cleaning

Level : 47

Zone : Shimmersand

Start : Asha Catari

End : Asha Catari

Money : 28 13

XP : 4590

Street Cleaning

Collect documents from the Steeljaw and Gutterborn gangs in Fortune's Shore implicating them in the assassination attempt. Also retrieve the contents of barrels that the gangs have been importing.


The security of our position in Fortune's Shore was an illusion. Your investigation indicates that the local gangs are involved in an assassination attempt against me, but they seem incapable of carrying out such a deed. They must have outside help. Find out what they're doing, and search the barrels they've been importing.

Upon completion

The gangs are indeed tainted, that much is clear. Judging from the documents you recovered, the Storm Legion is controlling the Steeljaw, while the Golden Maw is backing the Gutterborn. The dragon cults have infiltrated Fortune's Shore, and they're importing barrels of gunpowder. We must act fast.