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Sylver Bullet

Level : 26

Zone : Stonefield

Start : Ulan Hamda

End : Sylver Valis

Notoriety :
+400 Granite Falls

Money : 13 11

XP : 3600

Sylver Bullet

Travel to Meridian and speak with Sylver Valis to learn how to transform the Elemental Ore into a weapon capable of defeating the titan Centius.


To harm a titan, we need a weapon from the Plane of Earth. That's why I had you collect the Magmite Shards - so I could extract Elemental Ore. Take it with you to Sylver Valis in Meridian. Of anyone, he'll know how to transform it into a weapon.

Upon completion

This Charged Elementite you've created is an impressive distillation of Earth essence. It's much denser than iron or steel. Can you sense the way it calls out to its plane of origin? There are beings there that can sense it as well.