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Delouse the Itchy Werewolves

Level : 50

Zone : Gloamwood

Start : Danny Boiler

 Summerfest Merit Badge

Money : 31 50

XP : 5040

Delouse the Itchy Werewolves

Find and delouse 6 Itchy Werewolves, somewhere in Gloamwood.
  • Delouse 6 Itchy Werewolves


Don't you hate it when you have an itch you can't scratch? It moves, or gets to a spot where you just can't quite reach it, and the only thing on your mind is getting to that itch. While I'm not terribly fond of the werewolves around here, no creature should be subjected to such torture. Take these powder packets and find some of these poor, tortured animals. Hit them from a distance and you'll both do your good deed and get credit for the scavenger hunt. Werewolves are creatures you don't want to pet So seek them out where they will get wet Baths do nothing to salve the itching but delousing powder will solve their twitching.

Upon completion

Congratulations, you have completed a part of the Scavenger Hunt! Here is your reward.