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Troll Treasure

Level : 50

Zone : Stonefield

Start : Phineas Bowyer

 Summerfest Merit Badge

Money : 31 50

XP : 5040

Troll Treasure

Find Troll Treasure in Stonefield.
  • Find Troll Treasure in Stonefield


Oh, Ascended! What a beautiful summer day it is, don't you think so? I'd love to chat with you about what you have been doing, but I hear you have been bitten by the love of the Scavenger Hunt! Let's dig right in and set you to overturning some stones in Stonefield. Be he warrior or youngling A shaman or a king, Every troll has a treasure So go find that thing. Are you up for it, [%NAME]?

Upon completion

Congratulations, you have completed a part of the Scavenger Hunt! Here is your reward.