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The Light that Leads

Level : 46

Zone : Stillmoor

Start : Frago Mossmonger

End : Frago Mossmonger

Choose one of these rewards :
 Pious Shoulderguards
 Wispy Mantle
 Spaulders of Descent
 Pauldrons of the Light Seeker

Notoriety :
+250 Order of Mathos

Money : 27 5

XP : 4500

The Light that Leads

Use the Expulsion Orb on an Emerald Wisp in Ravenna, northwest of Warden's Descent, and follow it to its lair.


My failure to cure lycanthropy is costing lives, but we can't afford another rash experiment. We must learn more. The Emerald Wisps have influence over the wolves. Using this Expulsion Orb will cause one to retreat. Follow it to see where it leads.

Upon completion

You saw Aelfwar in Ravenna? What are they doing here in the territory of the Endless Court? I suppose these questions are secondary. They're the ones directing the werewolves against us, and they must be stopped.