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Hunting for Riches

Level : 10

Zone : Meridian

Start : Ganqa Altan

End : Ganqa Altan

Repeatable : Daily (Daily)

Hunting for Riches

Gather Ancient Golden Dragon Egg Shells from fire and earth rifts, invasions, footholds, and events of at least green difficulty. Return them to Ganqa Altan in Meridian.


My comrades wish to gather up many eggs so they might possibly learn some great secrets of the planes. My needs are not so great. I wish to have a few in my possession that I can experiment with and see what we might be able to make from them. Certainly something so rare and so valuable should be able to be molded into wondrous items! Bring me what I need, and I will give you something you need.

Upon completion

This is quite enough to get me started, [%NAME]. I hope these rewards might tickle your own fancy.