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Out of Time

Level : 50

Zone : Freemarch

Start : Dacia Ultan

End : Knowbaz TZ

Money : 31 50

XP : 5040

Out of Time

Recover the remains of the Defractionary Device that severed Anan's tie to the material plane.
  • Ask Sylver Valis about the machine that made Anan
  • Search for remains of the Defractionary in Dustwind Hills


I am not certain at all what of Anan's we could be looking for. People tell stories of Won Odego's swords, and of Corthana's spells, but with Anan, they speak only of his unique power - the power that all riftstalkers emulate, but never equal. That is the power to walk between the lines of our world and the planes. This is not something we can unearth from a dusty tomb somewhere. But I wonder, could the remains of the machine responsible for Anan's power, the first piece of magitech ever made, be found?

Upon completion

Greetings, visitor to Mkahi. Have you come to hear about the Defractionary Device?