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Historical Recovery

Level : 19

Zone : Silverwood

Start : Gloria Pamarle

End : Gloria Pamarle

Repeatable : Daily (Daily)

Notoriety :
+250 Quicksilver Scholars

Money : 5 79

XP : 2070

Historical Recovery

Gloria Pamarle wants you to collect Ancient Tomes from Overwatch Keep so that she can preserve them for future scholars.


Overwatch Keep holds so much history and knowledge that could be lost forever due to its occupation by House Aelfwar. We need to preserve as much of that knowledge as we can, [%NAME]. The countless books and manuscripts that the elves kept at the Overwatch for generations belong in the hands of those who will treat them properly.

Upon completion

These are excellent examples of elven manuscripts, [%NAME]. Some of them even date back to the time of the Blood Storm. I cannot thank you enough for saving them.