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The Amber Throne

Level : 36

Zone : Scarwood Reach

Start : Sasha Nikadon

End : Cardinal Visc
Money : 27 83

XP : 7200

The Amber Throne

Sasha Nikadon wants you to travel to the outskirts of Meridian and look for the Defiant Loremaster who stole the "Tome of Amber". He will not give it up willingly, so kill him and take back the missing book.


Recently a scholar came to us and presented credentials that he was from the Dragonslayer Covenant. He studied with us for many months, claiming his order was in desperate need to fight the forces of House Aelfwar. Instead we have found that this was a lie. He was a Defiant operative who stole certain unique books including the "Tome of Amber". We have been working with a scout to track the man. I'm sure that he could use your assistance in recovering the book from that literary thief.

Upon completion

Well done, [%NAME]. This will give us the insight we need about what Hylas's ultimate goals are. It also gives us insight into these planes of existence. Are there worse threats than the Primordial Dragon? That thought chills me, but we must be prepared.